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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by water quality?

All devices include measurements of total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature. TDS is used as a benchmark by both the EPA and World Health Organization. What's unique about the device is the logging.  TDS in and of itself is of some value.  The ability to see trends is far more valuable. For example, if conductivity or TDS jumps 20-30% over normal, the context and trend indicate that there is a problem. The device allows for that.  Coupled with the Open Water Quality Project, the insight gets exponentially more valuable. 

How do you connect a WaterBot?

WaterBots connect through standard plumbing fittings.  In a common use case, you'd connect it to a supply line like the kitchen sink.  If you have a reverse osmosis system, you'd be connecting the WaterBot Pro edition to the supply line going into the system and the supply line heading to distribution.

How does the WaterBot measure water?

WaterBots, at the simplest level, is sending an electrical current through the water. This is already done quite a bit. Similar technology is used at municipal water plants and in the water industry in general. We've simply made a residential device, connected it to the internet and push the data to your phone or tablet in real-time.

Does the WaterBot measure bacteria?

The WaterBot Base and Pro models are not equipped with sensors that measure bacteria.  However, large fluctuations in water chemistry can be an early indicator of a potential breach in water quality caused by biological components. 

What's this Open Water Quality Project all about?

The Open Water Quality Project, hosted at, is an open-source database of crowdsourced water quality data.  We believe in safer, trusted water for everyone.  We believe that this data should be open transparent and accessible to citizens, cities, researchers and educational institutions. 

Does the WaterBot gather any personal data that are privacy concerns?

No. The WaterBot doesn't gather any sensitive personal data by measuring your water. You will have complete control over whether your device streams data to the Open Water Quality Project or not.  We hope you do.  Should you do so, all results will be anonymous.   

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