A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

Water & The Last Mile

Water has a last mile problem.

Where internet, cable, or phones had an issue of deploying the last mile, water has an issue of maintaining the last mile. WaterBots alert you to disruptions in a distribution network.

If you’re in a major city, you’re relying on thousands of miles of pipes to deliver your drinking water.  If you’re on a private well, you pick up that responsibility for monitoring.

WaterBots provide certainty and peace of mind.


The Device That Delivers Certainty

A WaterBot is an easy-to-install, WiFi-connected water monitoring device. It simply connects to any standard plumbing fitting.

WaterBots leverage the power of IBM’s Watson platform to provide an early warning system against contaminants in your water.


Smarter Device

WaterBots learn in addition to measuring.

Instant Alerts

Immediate alerts to your phone or iPad.

Real-Time Tracking

Instantaneous readings of water quality.


Cloud Chemist

Know what’s in your water. 24x7x365.

Take Control

Maybe you’ve already taken the step towards high quality water. Perhaps you’ve invested in a drinking system such as reverse osmosis.

Is it working? How will you know when it fails?

WaterBots monitor every last drop of that precious liquid that supports life as we know it. If you can see or smell the problem, it’s far too late.

It’s an Important Problem. The Solution Is Simple.

Get Your WaterBot Today.